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Self-Balancing Personal Transportation powered by Lithium Batteries are refused on all THAI flights.


With effective from 21 December 2015, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) has established the safety policy to refuse the self-balancing personal transportation or other similar devices including the Hoverboards, mini Segways, IO HAWK, Air Wheel, MonoWheel, Solowheel, and its accessories as checked and carry-on baggage on all THAI flights, referring to the Company Safety Committee (CSC) meeting resolution on December 16, 2015. 

According to risk mitigation and incident investigation reports related to the devices revealed that the embedded batteries are possibility of the spontaneously overheat and cause of fire risk in the cargo compartment and aircraft cabin. Furthermore, inconsistency of information provided for product specification with poor/unclear labeled of size or power rating of the Lithium-ion batteries usually found. 

In order to comply with the Corporate Safety Commitment and Policy, THAI will refuse there items if found at check-in counters, boarding gates and in transfer baggage. THAI will not provide the storage of these items due to the cause of fire risk and it will be the passenger’s responsibility to dispose items prior to boarding. 

Your cooperation and compliance will be highly appreciated.


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